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TIAA-CREF Acquires Full Ownership of TIAA Henderson Real Estate

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--TIAA-CREF, a leading financial services provider, today announced an

agreement to acquire the remaining ownership interest in TIAA Henderson

Real Estate ("TH Real Estate") from its joint venture partner, Henderson

Global Investors ("Henderson") for 80 million pounds sterling. The

acquisition increases TIAA-CREF's ownership stake in the joint venture

established in April 2014 from its current 60 percent to 100 percent.

TH Real Estate is a global real estate investment management company

that pursues core and value-add investment in all major sectors of

commercial real estate. It will operate as a stand-a

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Breast Augmentation - Do Breast Implants Cause Stretch Marks?

What are stretch marks?

Striae or stretch marks after breast implant surgery or, Augmentation Mammoplasty, are quite rare but it can occur. We have only had one significant Striae in only 1 patient in almost thirty years. It happened to a professional body sculptor who was predisposed to stretch marks and who started lifting heavy weights within just 2 weeks her breast augmentation surgery, against our advice. We have never had any other patients with stretch marks, or if marks have arisen in other patients they have not notified us, in most patients it does not occur.

Many Cosmetic Surgeons agree that Striae can occur after breast augmentation surgery but it is not common. The highest occurrence we have ever read about is one or two patients in 1 hundred but that was not a statistical scientific study. In our experience the problem is much less than one in one hundred. There are also other elements that can increase the likelihoods of stretch marks after surgery.

What causes stretch marks

Some of the issues that increase the likelihood of getting stretch marks after breast augmentation are:

You are predisposed to Striae - if you have got this problem in other body areas such as abdomen, thighs and hips especially during rapid teenage growth years then you are more likely to develop this problem after breast implants surgery.

Before pregnancy - younger girls who have never given birth, and have therefore never gone through breast enlargement through pregnancy are more liable to have this problem than women who have given birth already.

Those with very fair thin skin are more susceptible to injury with expansion as this type of skin is more fragile.

Selecting too big an implant- a large implant, more than 400-450 ccs puts substantial extension forces on the breast tissue and can increase the chance of stretch marks. This is exceptionally true in younger women with fair thin skin who breast enlargement have not had children. Women who are prone to Striae are especially at risk with very large Implants.

Too much strenuous chest exercises, for example, cross fit, weightlifting, pec crunches, too soon after breast augmentation surgery.

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Central Air Conditioning Makes or Breaks A Michigan Home

Are you in the market for a new home? When we began looking for our home we had a list of criterion that came with the feat; we wanted a two car attached garage, three bedrooms, two baths and a newer heating system as well as a central air conditioning system. Many people gaffed at needing central air however having lived in Michigan we knew to be comfortable in the summer months it was important. Consider these four important pieces in regards to the cooling system of choice in your home.

o When looking at a home with a window unit over a home with a central air system what is the first thing you notice? I know I notice that one window is blocked and unavailable to be used when it is nice out for air flow. I also notice this huge box sticking out of the window and sabotaging the curb appeal of your home. However this complaint is not true with central air conditioning units. In fact a central air conditioning unit is hardly even noticeable these days. Most homes have a unit on the outside of the home that connect to a unit in the home all while distributing air throughout the home in the same outlets as the heat.

o Another benefit of central air conditioning systems is that the ducts are able to access all the rooms in your home. Unlike a window air conditioning unit that cools one central area in the home. This does not make for comfortable sleeping if the home is only cool in the central living areas.

o Central air units also run significantly quieter than window units. With a window unit there is considerable noise pollution when the machine is turning off and on. Running a central unit allows for a more gradual lull with the air flowing through the house at a consistent rate rather than long bursts of running, shutting down and working to turn back on. Central air systems are quiet.

o Central HVAC systems you can heat and cool your home without needing extra machines. One complete unit allows your heating and cooling needs to be met without the bulk of adding another unit to the home.

o Last but not least a central air conditioning system adds value to your home. When it is air conditioning repair time to sell your home the house will appraise for more than the same home using only a box air conditioning unit.

In these tough economic times selling air conditioner repair a home is difficult enough. Adding a central air conditioning system to your home will untimely only help in the sale of your home especially in a four season climate like what we have in Michigan. When the market is difficult and saturated with homes for sale items such as the heating and cooling systems come into the picture and are often an item that makes or breaks a sale. When looking at a new central air conditioning unit for your home make sure you hire a licensed HVAC contractor. They will be the best people to certify the units are installed correctly.


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Arnold Palmer, golfing great, dies

He died Sunday evening at a Pittsburgh hospital while awaiting cardiac surgery, according to a statement from his company.

With his dominance in golf and distinctive style, Palmer helped turn the sport from a country club pursuit to one that became accessible to

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How to Write a Business Introduction Letter

Marketing is the most essential aspect of running any business. You may be offering the best products or services in a particular sector, but it's all useless if your potential customers and investors don't know about it. Advertising and personally introducing your products to customers, through customized business http://www.psgteam.net/tag/specialty-signs-website/ letters of introduction is necessary.

About Business Introduction Letters

Even in the era of electronic mail, an actual hard copy letter still carries a lot more weight, as it has a more personalized touch. A business introduction letter is a form of